Advance Tech Support and System Administration for Linux

Services available online or onsite ( Onsite only available in Delhi-NCR)

KV IT-Solutions Pvt Ltd. is the best Linux Support Company in Delhi-NCR.We have qualified and expert Team on Linux including system managers, developers and consultants. Linux is the Powerful Open Source Operating System.Linux Provided reliable,robust,secure and cost effective solutions. Linux is the best in Mail Servers, Web Servers, Databases Setup, Proxy Servers, Firewall Setups, Server Managing & monitoring & Linux Web Hosting Services etc.

Linux Support:

  • OS related Support ( Installation,Configuration and Security Administration)
  • Performance tuning & optimization
  • Initial server hardening
  • PCI scanning and remediation
  • DoS attack detection/remediation
  • Security audits and detection
  • Compromise remediation
  • Data Migration /OS Migration ( Windows to Ubuntu,Mint …)
  • Clustering/Load balancing/Failover

Server Configurations

  • Authentication (389, OpenLDAP, RADIUS(DMA), etc)
  • Domain Name Services (DNS and BIND)
  • Email Servers (SMTP, POP3, IMAP, Webmail) (POSTFIX,Sendmail,Zimbra,Exim,Qmail )
  • Proxy Server ( Squid)
  • Database Server (MySQL,Mariadb, PostgreSQL…)
  • Firewalls ( IPtables, Pfsense,Utangle,Endian,CSF..)
  • Network File and Backup Servers ( Samba, Samba4, Bacula,FreeNas,Openfiler….)
  • Network Monitoring Services ( Nagios,cacti,ZenOSS…)
  • Webserver and Hosting Servers (apache, Nginix, Jboss, Tomcat, java, WHM, Cpanel, CentosCPL, Webmin, Virtualmin etc)
  • Versioning Server ( apache SVN, …)
  • Virtualisations ( VMware, Zend, OpenStack, VrtualBox….)
  • Linux Terminal Server project (LTSP)
  • Data Centre Setup
  • VoIP/Call Centre Setup ( Asterix,freePBX,trixbox)

Works On Linux Distros

  • RHEL( Redhat ),Fedora, Ubuntu,Mint,CentOS,BOSS, Mandriva,OpenBSD

CMS and other business Ready Solutions:

  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Magento

Software Development and Scripting

  • Development on LAMP ( Linux.Apache.MySQL.Php)
  • Web Development on PHP
  • Automation
  • Shell Scripting

Migrations and Integration

  • Integration With other OS
  • Integration with Microsoft AD Server
  • Integration with Remote OPEN LDAP,389 Server

Why Choose KVIT for Linux Solutions & Support?

  • Years of experience with Open Source which is unparalleled in the industry. We have got more than 10 years of experience in supporting Linux and other Open Source products.
  • On demand people with specialized skills available.
  • High quality of customer satisfaction.
  • Support level agreement (SLA).
  • Expert Technical Support 24/7
  • System Administration
  • Global support

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Cinque Terre

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