OPEN Source under GPL,Secure,full featured and a trusted VPN Solutions

OpenVPN is open source software published under the GNU General Public Licence(GPL). There is both client and server software modules in one installation package providing complete solution for many VPN uses such as secure remote access to internal network, point-to point or point-to-multipoint VPN connections . Security as one of the most important approaches in VPN is achieved by using encryption and authentication methods on traffic between peers. Peers can be authenticated by pre-shared keys, certificates or username/password combination. Traffic encryption is performed with SSL encryption mechanisms. OpenSSL library as source implementation of SSL and TLS protocols is used to encrypt secure communication channels. OpenVPN complete solution can be accommodated in many platforms such as Window, Mac and Linux OS environments that enable unification of VPN connection in case of multi-platform enterprise environments.

  • ⚫ Site-to-site VPNs, remote access and Wi-Fi security.
  • ⚫ OpenSSL and mbedTLS (formerly known as PolarSSL).
  • ⚫ SSL/TLS for session authentication and IPsec ESP for tunnel transport over User Datagram Protocol (UDP).
  • ⚫ Compatible with SSL/TLS, RSA certificates, X.509 PKI, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Network Address Translation (NAT), and TUN/TAP virtual devices.
  • ⚫ Open Source
  • ⚫ Unlimited users
  • ⚫ Strong privacy protection
  • ⚫ Strong encryption and security protection
  • ⚫ DNS Leak Protection
  • ⚫ UDP Leak Protection
  • ⚫ Control Panel
  • ⚫ 24*7 Online Support

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