The Endian Firewall is a Linux Security Distribution, which is an independent, unified security management solution. The Endian Firewall is based on a Linux operating system. The system is installed on a PC using a bootable CD and can be operated without a monitor through its web interface or via command-line . The server can be configured via a web interface or via the serial interface.
The main task of Endian Firewall is a gateway, router and firewall, and can act as a proxy for web, email, FTP, SIP and DNS. Up to four different networks (dependent on the number of network cards installed in the host PC) are normally managed.Networks are configured through the web interface. With Endian these are differentiated by their color coding:>
Red Network:span connection to the insecure Internet.
Green Network: Secure intranet e.g. file server.
Orange Network: Part Safe Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) . This includes devices that operate their own server and must be accessible over the Internet, such as Web or FTP servers.
Blue Network: Secure wireless part, here on wireless devices can be connected. Thus, they are separated from the green network, which increases its security.
The Endian Firewall includes support for load balancing, which means you can add another connection to the Internet from the red network; Endian Firewall then distributes the network load on both interfaces.


  • ● Ethernet support
  • ● Load Balancing
  • ● Traffic Shaping / Quality of Service
  • ● Multiple uplinks
  • ● Uplink failover
User Management

  • ● Local
  • ● RADIUS
  • ● LDAP
  • ● Active Directory
  • ● NTLM Single Sign-On
  • ● User or group as HTTP proxy content filter rules

  • ● Policy-Based Routing (port, MAC address, protocol or port)
  • ● Generic SNMP support
  • ● VLAN support (IEEE 802.1Q trunking)
Server Services

  • ● Transparent HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP and POP3-Proxy server
  • ● Caching DNS-Server
  • ● DHCP-server (separately for the green, blue and orange network)
  • ● Network Address Translation
  • ● Virtual Private Network (VPN) Gateway with OpenVPN or IPsec
Firewall & Security

  • ● Firewall (both directions)
  • ● Demilitarized Zone
  • ● Intrusion Detection System / Intrusion Prevention System
  • ● Web-, FTP- and E-Mail-antivirus
  • ● Antispam
  • ● Content Filter
  • ● HTTPS- Web interface
  • ● SSH- Access and Forwarding
  • ● Scheduler for automated backups
Logging & Monitoring

  • ● Visualized Live Log Viewer (AJAX based), see figure "The web interface of Endian Firewall"
  • ● Log the activities and the stress of network and hardware
  • ● Connection statistics
  • ● Forwarding possibility of logs to an external syslog server
  • ● ntopng integration
  • ● Event-based notifications by e-mail
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