Is the Linux server compatible with my windows based systems and products, or will I have to change the entire setup into Linux?

Our servers our compatible with all windows based system & product. It is also completely compatible with Blackberry & other smart phones.

Is Linux really free, or is there some hidden cost?

Yes, there is "no" licensing cost for Linux software. Linux is absolutely free under GPL (General Public License).

Why do I need to pay if it is free?

You do not need to pay a single penny for the Linux software, all you need to pay is for a year long support, service and maintenance of the product.

How many domains and email ID's does your mail server support?


Do I need to pay any extra amount for the anti-virus & anti-spam?

No, we provide anti-virus & anti-spam bundled in the package itself. We use 'Clam AV' as the anti-virus and 'spam assassin ' for the anti-spam.

How much do I need to pay if I want to increase the number of users on the server.

No extra cost needed. We provide unlimited users on our servers.

Will I need to learn Linux before using your server.

No, we provide an easy to use GUI (graphical user interface), so you need not worry about what is running in the background and how will you use a Linux product.

Does Linux need a firewall?

It doesn't need a firewall, but it's always smart to have extra protection. your distro probably already comes with a firewall.

Does Linux support NTFS?

Can Linux read FAT32?

Yes, out of the box.

Is Linux compatible with Windows?

Can Linux run Windows programs?

Will Linux run Microsoft Office?

By default, Linux runs only programs that were made specifically for Linux. Fortunately, there are tens of thousands of these, so it's not usually a problem! But if there's a Windows program or game you really want to run, you need to use a special compatability layer called Wine: this is designed to enable many common Windows programs, such as Microsoft Word to run on Linux. Many apps work out of the box with Wine, often faster than they do on Windows. Others work less well, and still others don't work at all - you need to try it and see. Work is always taking place to improve Wine and make it compatible with more Windows apps, so each time you get a new distro you should try your old apps again to see if they have started working.

Is Linux faster than Windows?

Yes! Linux has been tuned to run on a huge variety of computers, down to the very smallest devices - IBM once made a wristwatch that ran Linux! Because of the need to run on so many different kinds of computers, Linux is very highly optimised - any computer with at least 512MB of RAM should run Linux perfectly, with 256MB being the minimum for general desktop use. If you have an older computer, there are Linux distros that use extra-light versions of programs so that they can get by just fine on 32MB.

Why is Linux better than Windows?

There are lots of reasons that Linux is better than Windows. Here are a few:

  • Linux is free! It costs you $0 to install it on as many machines as you want. There's no Linux Home, Linux Premium and Linux Ultimate - it's all there for you to have.
  • Linux is secure! It comes configured for maximum security out of the box, which means you don't need to buy separate software such as firewalls, virus checkers and anti- malware programs.
  • Linux is fast! Whereas Windows Vista needs at least 2GB of RAM to run comfortably, Linux runs just fine on computers from five years ago. As a result, if you install Linux on a new computer, it runs blazingly fast, and won't get slower over time.
  • Linux is stable! That means it's very very hard to crash. Ordinary users can't damage the system - in fact, they can't change anything that doesn't belong to them unless they enter the system administrator's password.