As per business is concern, In our Infrastructure data is the most important part. To protect and secure your valuable data, here we are recommending many methods to save your data safe and secure. Data storage in Linux platform is always a good idea because Linux is virus free ( not affects by any virus), rich in security, less hardware requirement, less power consumptions, stable and easy, free from any licensing issues. Using Linux Backup Solution is cheaper and most effective way. We use to buy very costly hardware for SAN,NAS or other storage Device, here we are showing you ,How to covert a old outdated server into a powerful network storage and this storage is better then your costly storage hardware. To doubly sure, you should sync your all data into cloud like Google Drive, Drop box, ftp server etc. so provide a good amount of place in your IT Dept. to make it more powerful and secure.

Why Choose KVIT for Storage Solutions ?

  • Our team have deep technical background and experience with a commitment to quality of service
  • Our All Solutions are cost effective because it built on OpenSource.
  • We only works on Linux.
  • Our experienced professionals hold numerous countless technology-focused certifications
  • Our Consultants are more then 20 Years Experience in this industry, Security Technical consultants, real-world industry practitioners and corporate security program experts.

Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre

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