pfSense is an open source network firewall which is based on FreeBSD operating system which included many third party software
packages for additional functionality. pfSense software is used to make dedicated firewall for a network and it is considered for its reliability and offers many features which mostly found in commercial firewall solutions.
We can use the pfsense free of cost with rich web interface to configure all our network components.There is no requirement of UNIX
knowledge and no need to use the command line for anything. pfsense supports many optins like traffic shapper, virtual ip, Load balancer and much more. It included many Diagnostics tool to make troubleshooting easier.
Pfsense included with many third party free software packages for additional functionality. Minimum Hardware Requirements to install pfsense:
Pentium II Processor, 256MB RAM, 1GB of HDD Space, CD-ROM. 2 Ethernet Card's, Pfsense ISO file.


pfSense is an open source firewall and router distribution based on FreeBSD. It having a lot of functions and feature:


  • ● Easy to use Web Interface no need to know how to create software guidelines.
  • ● Installation Set up Wizard
  • ● Wireless Accessibility Factor (must set up a wifi interface)
  • ● Traffic Shaping
  • ● NAT

  • ● failover - CARP from OpenBSD allows for components failover. Two or more fire walls can be designed as a failover team. If one
  • ● interface isn't able on the main or the main goes off-line entirely, the additional becomes effective. pfSense also contains settings
  • ● synchronization abilities, so you create your settings changes on the main and they instantly connect to the additional software.
  • ● pfsync - pfsync guarantees the firewall's condition desk is duplicated to all failover designed fire walls. This implies your current
  • ● relationships will be managed in the situation of failing, which is essential to avoid system interruptions.
Load Balancing

  • ● failover - nmap, ping, traceroute via the GUI
  • ● VPN
  • ● Monitoring
  • ● Real Time Details
  • ● Dynamic DNS
  • ● Captive Portal
  • ● DHCP server
  • ● Command range spend access
  • ● Wake on LAN
  • ● Proxy Server
  • ● built in sniffer - bundle capture
  • ● Backup and restore
  • ● Edit information via the web GUI
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